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Although it was a lot more lucrative in days gone by, Adsense Income is still one of the first monetisation methods used by new online business owners.

creating an online home business

It is relatively easy to set up and takes a minimal amount of effort to maintain.  

One of the set and forget methods of generating income from your online home business.

When I first started (way back in the dark ages - over 10 years ago), Adsense was the only form of monetisation I needed to earn a reasonable return on the costs of operating my sites.

And many of my contemporaries, those that made better decisions about their choice of topic, were making serious money from Adsense.

At one point I was earning the equivalent of an extra weeks income every month, just from having Adsense widgets on my knitting site.  

It was very exciting, the first time you reach the payout threshold and get that check (or in my case, bank transfer) is a real thrill.  Most of the traffic to the site was (and still is) organic.  People were searching for knitting topics using a search engine, and my site was there in the results on the first page.

All I had to do was to keep building pages on the site.  Then just by adding some Adsense code to my site I was generating an income that exceeded the costs and as a result, I was a successful online business owner!

How Adsense Income Works

First you need to have a decent site.  If you are just starting out, you need to have an indexed site with enough good content to pass scrutiny when you apply for a publisher account with Google.  Being indexed means that Google has included some or all of your pages in their database or list of sites, so that your pages appear in the search results when a potential visitor uses their search engine.  

Google's own guidelines recommend that you have pages with unique content, an inviting layout and clear navigation.  It is important that your content meets the needs of the people who are searching for it, so it is vital that you are clear about the search intent for any keywords that you base your pages on.

Unless you already have a publisher account, Adsense Income is not a monetisation method that you can implement immediately. Initially you will need to concentrate on building your site. 

Once you have a site that meets Googles criteria, you will be able to submit an application.  If you are lucky, you will get a response fairly quickly, but sometimes you will be waiting for a long time.   You should also spend some time researching alternative income sources for your site as there is no guarantee that your site will be accepted by Google, or that if you are accepted, that you will not be dropped as a publisher at some point in the future.

Google Adsense has quite a few policies that you need to become familiar with (and implement so that you are in compliance) if you wish to generate a reliable passive income stream.

The policies relate to ad placement, site content, site behaviour, copyright, technical requirements, cookies and privacy.  Breaching any one of them could result in your account being de-activated, so it really does pay to learn about what you can and cannot do on your site and maintaining compliance with their policies.

 Is Adsense a Reliable Income Source?

The answer to that question will vary depending on many different factors, ranging form the site of your site, the perceived value of the content and the demographics of your typical visitors, and how much spending power they have.  If your visitors typically have high disposable incomes and the site topic is one where they  are willing to spend some of it, there will be advertisers in that niche that will be prepared to pay for clicks. 

The amount the publisher receives is a percentage of the amount the advertiser pays to advertise on the Adsense Network, and varies significantly from one subject area to another.

If there are high-value, high-demand products or services that are related to your niche, Adsense Income could be high.  If your niche is related to a business product or service or a luxury item, there are also probably going to be advertisers bidding for clicks from your visitors.  The higher the value and the higher the demand, the fewer clicks you will need to generate a reasonable income. 

But don't discount the high volume, low value niches though.  My least commercial site has been my most successful in generating an Adsense Income.  The amount of adsense income per click in my niche is very low.  To make money I need to generate a lot of clicks (many of the adverts Adsense displays on my knitting site pay less than 1 cent per click), so I need a lot of traffic to come to the site, traffic that is likely to be interested in what the advertisers have to offer and be prepared to click on an advert. 

I need to tell you that it is getting tougher to make money with ad-serving partners these days though.  Not everyone using the internet has the patience or any tolerance for adverts any more.  

Don't be surprised if a significant proportion of your visitors use ad-blocking apps when they visit your site, so these visitors will not even see the Adsense on your site, and you can't click what you can't see!  In the past (like 10 years ago) website owners could make a decent living from Adsense alone.  But these days it is probably better to use Adsense as a supplementary, rather than a primary income source, for your online home business.

Working Out if Adsense is Right for Your Niche...

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