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Lead Generation Online Business

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Another form on online home business is lead generation site designed to support an offline business or an affiliate or drop-shipping business.  

At its leanest, this type of site is really just an online version of your business card or service brochure.  Or it could just be a sales page with a form to capture the prospects contact and credit card details.  

Lead generation

For these sites to work, you need to drive traffic to the page(s), usually paid traffic as the search engines will be unlikely to send free traffic to a sale page type site, and you then have the copy on just one or two pages to make the sale.

Providing the amount you spend to get people to the site is less than the profit per sale, you will do okay.  

But a word of warning, cost per click advertising (paid traffic) can be very expensive and it can break the bank in the early days until you have honed you offering to make it appeal to the people coming to your page.

If you want free traffic, then your lead generation site is going to have to have more meat to it.  Your content (yes back to content sites...) will need to be seen as valuable by the search engines and humans alike for free traffic to start arriving in a steady stream to your site.  

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is often defined as:

the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business's products or services.

and is the tools, methods and systems that you use to to create interest in your products and services.  For an offline business that might mean advertising, handing out business cards, having a brick and mortar store, distributing flyers or cold calling people.

Generating leads online is a set of tools and systems that enable you to attract people who might be willing to give you money in exchange for something of value that you have for sale and get them to visit your site.  

It is usually a fairly automated process, so that you are not necessarily involved in the initial contact and often much of the follow-up is also on auto pilot. Done properly, a lead generation site will be a set and forget kind of business, and you focus is likely to be on generating traffic and the back-end stuff - managing relationships with suppliers, dispatch of the goods or delivery of services etc.

How to Attract Affiliate Marketing Leads

No matter which method you use, attracting good leads is going to cost you.  Either in time or money.  

The trick is to invest enough to get them to buy, and still earn some income either from that initial transaction or from up-selling, down-selling, or repeat purchases.  

And as you gain experience you should be able to pin down which methods you use to attract new affiliate marketing leads are the most cost and time effective for your affiliate marketing business.

So first you need to attract the leads to your site, and then you need to guide them through your sales process.

Using a Sales Funnel to Manage Your Leads

The idea or concept behind your lead page is that of a funnel.  You pour as many prospects as you can in the top of your sales funnel (the landing or sales page) and let them filter through your sales/relationship building processes to the point where they actually buy something from you. 

Not everyone that lands on your sales site (or page - some of these sites really are that small) will end up buying from you right now, but the very least, you want them to become aware of what you have to offer.  

Usually the primary goal of these sites is to collect the contact information of as many of the people who visit the site so that you can start to build an ongoing (email) relationship with them with the goal of them becoming a paying customer at some point in the future.  Ideally, they will choose to stay on your list and become repeat customers!

Anyone who makes a purchase during their first visit is a bonus, and if they bite on an up-sell they are golden.

For this process to work well, the people you are pouring into the top of your sales funnel will be semi-warm prospects. People who have a history of being interested in the type of products or services you have to offer, and that are likely to read your initial sale copy (social media post, tweet, or photo or a paid advert) and be interested enough to click through to your lead generation page.

Some will lose interest at some point through your funnel, but others will engage with your email communication and buy when and if you put the right offer in front of them.  For some people it will be the content of the offer that sways them, or it could be a matter of timing.

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