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Network Marketing Online Home Businesses

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Network Marketing is another type of online home business that is inexpensive to start that has the potential to generate a decent income.

These online home businesses are created to spread the word about the owner/builders network marketing business.  In network marketing, the business owner is an independent distributor, consultant or associate of a direct marketing company that operates using a multi-level compensation plan.  These business owners get paid a commission on products they sell as well as a percentage of the sales generated by their team.

creating an online home business

Some of these companies have very strict rules about any online presence related to their products or services so if you are an independent distributor for a Network Marketing company please do check with them about what you can and can't do online to promote your business.  

Sometimes rather than creating a site that focuses on a particular product range, it is advisable to create a site that is generic or non-brand specific but related.  

For example, you might have a site that focuses on the health benefits associated with a protein rich diet (if you are associated with a health food product company) or one that provides make-up tutorials (for those of you who are Avon Ladies or who sell Mary Kay perhaps).  

The topic will depend on which company you are associated with and their product line.  By building a content rich site that provides valuable information you can position yourself as an expert in your niche and that will enable you to attract leads for your business without mentioning the company or specific products.

And if the company ceases trading or you are no longer associated with them at some point in the future, you still have a business!  

Of course another way to do it is to build a community on social media rather than having your own website and direct any warm leads to the company website to close the sales.  Of course if you are building a team, you also need to consider how you will manage that team - perhaps through a closed Facebook group?

The structure and content of your business will vary depending on your personal preferences and the rules set by your company.  Just be aware that more than one way to skin an cat...

What Is Network Marketing?

According to BusinessDictionary.com, network marketing is:

 ... a direct selling method in which independent-agents serve as distributors of goods and services, and are encouraged to build and manage their own sales force by recruiting and training other independent agents.


So a network marketing business involves selling the products of another company directly to consumers.  You  have an agreement with the company that authorises you to promote and sell their products on a commission basis and also to recruit other individuals to join the network as members of your sales team.  Members of your team are also independent and own their own businesses, however as their "sponsor" you also earn a small percentage of all of their sales. 

Each Network Marketing company has it own individual network and commission structure, and they set the "rules" about how and where you can sell their products.  Most will provide a website to their distributors (usually on a sub-domain of the company site - for example I am an independent distributor for Isagenix and my customers can order through my company site here: http://debmason.isagenix.com) and will provide guidelines and training designed to help distributors attract prospects.

Sticking with the Company Website and Social Media

You don't have to build your own website to have an online presence for your network marketing business.  You can build a successful business just using social media and working with people that you get to know both online and offline.

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